Aesthetic Adventure: A Defining Force

Aesthetic Adventure: A Defining Force
We each share one common, vital
trait. We thrive on, even live for,
aesthetic adventure.


It doesn’t just shape us. Creative pursuit

defines our essence, no matter if we

experience it through travel, cuisine, art,

literature, history, architecture, music,

photography, theater, etc.

Whether by direct observation or

hands-on engagement, we all are

epicureans run amok across the global

and cultural landscape. Like you, I seek

purpose and meaning in creative

endeavors and making the world better.

Thank you for recognizing my avid

passion for nature and wildlife captured

through my camera lens while

traveling; recognizing that when my

hands touch and shape clay, glass or

paint, magic appears. You’ll sense in

my work a deep connection to the

natural world.

I share the name of the legendary

American naturalist, John Muir, and I

aspire to his vision for a better world

every time I set sail for another amazing

aesthetic adventure.

How about you? Where will your next

journey take your creative spirit?

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