The Challenge


Our client, YourLocal established a successful enterprise in Denmark that connects individuals with their favorite neighborhood restaurants which have surplus food.   When restaurants are able to sell their surplus food in a timely manner at a discount, customers can gobble-up great food at a terrific value.  Additionally, both producer and consumer feel great about helping environmental sustainability. My team has been asked to provide design solutions that will improve YourLocal’s mobile app to make it more engaging for the user.

A woman holding a gyro wrap

the client's goals
1.  Leverage and integrate their new branding on mobile
2. get users engaged immediately in using the product
3. use micro-interactions
4. increase overall usability
Msn selling a loaf of artisan bread to a woman
The user-centered design process
User Centered Design Process
The Target User


Young professional women between 25 and 40 is the demographic most likely to use YourLocal.  They have disposable income but are looking to lower their overall food costs in New York City.  Most users are initially engaged with YourLocal because of the mission of helping reduce food waste and thus making a beneficial impact on the planet.


Young professional woman working on her computer while having a bite to eat

We started our initial research by gaining an understanding of the competitors in the Market Space. My team performed a detailed competitive analysis to identify commonalities and areas where YourLocal could capitalize and differentiate. Both direct and indirect competitors were included in our analysis. We focused on ease of use and visual competitive analysis. Affinity mapping helped us assess overall trends.

Starbucks Logo
  • Ux/Ui Design is best practices
  • Parallax for product image screens
  • Illustrations to provide joy
  • Macro Photography
  • Map Integration
Food for All Logo
  • Illustrations of food gives a friendly vibe
  • Progress circle shows rewards
  • Tutorial is clean, minimal and fun
  • Micro interaction adds interest
  • CTA buttons should not be red
  • Text is non-accessible
Crave Logo
  • They strategically draw the eye to what’s the most important using color, font size, and micro-interactions
  • The app is easy to scan
  • Tool tips need to be clear what they’re pointing to.
Today Tix Logo
  • Familiar and standard interface
  • Long loading times
  • Needs better search functions and filters
Ritual Logoi
  • Well developed rewards system makes the app more enticing
  • Animation on photo of closed shops is fun
  • Slow Loading
  • No Tutorials
Groupon Logo
  • Humor in Copy
  • Needs better hierarchy in information architecture
  • Visually Crowded
Go Market Logo
  • Lacks onboarding screens
  • Map lacks functionality
  • Good use of large, green CTA buttons
Olio Logo
  • OLIO
  • Their social impact screen is well developed
  • Need to integrate the user’s social impact metrics into the app
  • Bold and exciting design with a sense of urgency
Trends and Takeaways
Use Fun Illustrations with micro interactions
Use interactive Maps
Use Clean Layouts
Design Principles
1.  Use motion to spark emotion
2. Be Effortless
3.  Be Personal
4.  Be Enduring
Moodboard for YOURLOCAL
Style Tile for YOURLOCAL
YOURLOCAL Moodboard #2
Style Tile #2 for YOURLOCAL
User testing included many adjectives to reach the brands adjectives
Various stats from user testing,
Testing to 2 days, with 10 users.  We tested 4 prototypes with 28 screens
The Design Iterations
Design Solutions
Large images
Large CTA Buttons
Purchase Price on CTA
Yourlocal confirmation page
Next Steps and Reflections
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