UX Design



Have you ever been on an app and couldn’t perform the task that you wanted? Perhaps you tried to purchase something, change an address, or contact customer service but for some reason the software wouldn’t let you? These are examples of poor UX Design and experiences like these can be extremely frustrating.


UX encompasses how customers or end-users interact with a product. In the digital space, UX design focuses on how people interact with an application or a website.  The experience should be frictionless and enable the user to complete their task efficiently.  For example, a simple on-boarding process and a logical navigation system are examples of good UX design.


UX designers do not work in a bubble, they ideate, create, test and iterate the best solutions for the end-user by collaborating with multiple business disciplines and teams. They must design a product that is not only desirable for the customer but also viable for the business stakeholders and feasible for the software engineers to build.


To achieve a design that is desirable, viable and feasible, UX designers do quite a bit of research and testing early in the development stages.   By working out the pain points and friction before coding begins designers significantly decrease engineering costs and provide a better and often innovative end product solution.


A UX designer cannot just change a product because they think it will make it better. Changes must be tested and measured to ensure the proposed changes create a the best possible product and while meeting business goals. Information gathered from user testing and analytics are essential to guiding the design process.


User Interface design is a part of UX Design.  UI focuses on the look and feel of the digital product.  UI designers are concerned about visual elements and style—layouts, color schemes, typography, branding, buttons, images, animations, etc.  They work closely with the UX team to reach the best possible digital experience for the customer.  Often the UX designer also fulfills the role of UI designer–especially when budget are lean.

RECENT Case Studies

  • OCEANITES–a nonprofit organization that counts Antarctic penguins and monitors the impact of global warming and human pressures on penguin populations. Oceanites.org
  • YOURLOCAL–an app built for NYC restaurant customers that helping the environment by pairing customers with restaurants at the end of the day ro reduce food surplus. YourLocal.org
screen shot of Voluntopia
  • VOLUTOPIA–a student project that enables people to volunteer and help their communities in small time segments.
  • VENTE–a student app that helps people find personalized events and activities in their local area.