5 Reasons to Visit Yellowstone in the Winter

No Crowds A Photographic Paradise Easier to Spot Wildlife Tracks in the snow make it easy to track and spot animals such as wolves, fox, and bobcats. Perhaps you will see river otters playing under the ice falls. Enjoy the Park in a Warm Vehicle Snowmobile Adventure Yellowstone Winter Packing List Temperatures can drop below …

Ghost Ranch

Nature Travel Located at the edge of Carson National Forest, a few miles North of Abiquiu, NM Ghost Ranch is a conference retreat spot located surrounded by astonishing natural beauty. I took the Kitchen Mesa Trail (said to be the most difficult) but it was spectacular!

Adventure in Cusco

If you want a break from climbing Inca Ruins or visiting the amazing historical museums, then try the longest (2 miles) zip-line in the world or a tour of the countryside on an ATV!

First Year, First Snow

The first snow of the season fell yesterday and the Big Horn Sheep came down from the mountains to shelter and graze.  Although I didn’t see any large rams, several ewes and calves were riverside along the North Fork of the Shoshone.  Fall colors still clinging to the trees make a delightful soft background.